Why is Part 107 important?

New legislation became effective 8/29/2016 which provided a framework for operating drones (unmanned aerial systems) in the US for commercial purposes.  Prior to this the only way to legally perform commercial operations using a drone was to file for a waiver with the FAA for nearly every flight operation.  This has been a very welcome change in the drone landscape for those performing and purchasing drone services.  Under Part 107, remote pilots are certified with the FAA to conduct commercial operations and are subject to a new set of guidelines and limitations.

Part 107 provides framework for commercial drone use

As with any federal regulation there are many limitations, requirements, and caveats.  If you’re interested in reading more about the certification process take a look at the links to the FAA’s website below.

FAA Part 107 Certification

Summary of Part 107 (pdf)

Is everyone flying a drone licensed by the FAA under Part 107?

Not all operations require a drone operator to be certified by the FAA.  Those categorized as hobbyists by the FAA are not required to be licensed.  Not all operators conducting commercial operations in the market place are licensed by the FAA.  There are also many buyers in the market hiring operators who are not aware that these certifications are required.

The drone market is very exciting with all of the new technology that is available and all of the new applications for that technology.  This has created an environment where it is even more important that buyers and operators are aware of the legal requirements for their operations.


Drone registration

Prior to the implementation of Part 107, congress and the FAA took a preemptive stab at wrapping some form of structure around drone usage as they became more and more ubiquitous.  This came in the form of requiring all drones (sort of…they must meet certain weight and other criteria) regardless of hobbyist or commercial use, to be registered with the FAA and to display the registration number on the drone aircraft.

FAA drone registration

Is LDF certified under Part 107?

YES!  I am an FAA certified private pilot and aircraft owner with over two decades of flight experience and an FAA certified remote pilot under Part 107.  This provides the unique experience of understanding and having navigated the complexities of flight restrictions, airspace, and the aviation environment.

Incidentally, if you were wondering, LDF also provides $1M liability insurance coverage for each commercial flight operation.

Is LDF registered with the FAA

YES!  LDF is registered as a commercial sUAS with the FAA.